Future workshop

Given the importance of communication in attending to the challenges of energy transitions and the need to actively engage with the involved actors, InterHUB has selected future workshops as the means for interdisciplinary interaction across the three WPs. Running through all three WP, future workshops will help integrate and bring different disciplinary understandings and preferences to the forefront in InterHUB, when directions for the integration of buildings in energy systems are discussed, negotiated, evaluated and proposed implemented. The first future workshop will feed information for staging the next, and so on. Each future workshop runs over three phases – critique, envisioning and realisation – and will engage utility representatives, building designers and households in discussing technical solutions and household agency. Future Workshops have been chosen as a means to move beyond examining current practices. The future workshops will be supplemented with interviews with building technology designers and utility representatives, as well as with analyses of key documents. The analytical approach will identify different actors’ understandings of the future role of the householder in the new energy system. This will be based on semantic and conceptual coding of documents and on analyses of how different perspectives are exchanged and negotiated at the future workshops. Outcomes of the future workshops include a map of stakeholder perspectives on the household’s future role and analyses of how to improve cross-sectorial communication.

The future workshops are scheduled to take place:

Future workshop 1: The 26th of September 2018 in Sønderborg

Future workshop 2: The 3th of October 2018 in Aalborg

Future workshop 3: The 10th of October 2018 in Copenhagen